About Us

Establishing brands that inspire the gastronomy and accommodation industry, Akkomarka designs distinct life experiences with ground-breaking approaches…

It builds universal trademarks that represent varied Anatolia's culinary cultures globally and strives to add brand-new perspectives to the sector through its development-oriented strategy. Akkomarka, the pioneer of the sector, makes sustainability its core principle, cultivating diverse cuisines and flavors with unique concepts, excellent service quality, and high hygiene standards. 

Akkomarka derives its energy from the Anatolian cuisine and accommodation cultures evolving for thousands of years and contributes to developing brand new concepts by analyzing contemporary expectations. The company, with its brands, strives to preserve and promote the values of gastronomy, ensure that its guests acknowledge these values, and make traditional tastes unforgettable. At the same time, it introduces these values and flavors to the world through global operations.


Our Vision & Mission

We acknowledge the significance of taste, quality, building a qualified team, and designing a unique experience when creating a brand. Therefore, we design the guest experience in a developmental and contemporary innovative approach without forgetting our background. We further every dining experience and hospitality we offer our guests to add value to the world. Our dream and goal are to create global brands that will favorably represent Turkey globally with original perspectives.

Thanks to our brands, we preserve and promote our values of gastronomy and accommodation culture. We introduce our guests to these values and aim to prevent our traditional flavors from being forgotten. We appreciate the value of our teammates in the food and beverage industry. We touch the future of the sector and our employees through development-oriented strategies to ensure their contribution to the improvement of the sector.

With their business ethics and business principles, Akkomarka restaurants struggle for a sustainable world. Sustainability is our fundamental principle as much as our innovative approaches. We use natural resources in due manner and respect nature. Each of our brands values the food and takes the special care it deserves. Our goal is to ensure and lead the development of a sustainable food and beverage experience that respects nature and protects ethical values towards guests and employees.

We are the iconic front of the sustainable food and beverage experience that is constantly improving with guest satisfaction and added value focus. We approach the restaurant industry with an innovative perspective and never underestimate the guest experience that makes the industry alive. We offer a delicious, pleasant, reliable and memorable dining experience for our guests from the moment they enter our restaurants.